Why bananas have curved shape?

Bananas experiences what we call negative tropism. They are popular for growing towards the sun instead of the ground.

It is the fruit that goes against gravity, which makes it develop a curved shape.

Love bananas? Then see these fun facts about banana:

* In 2016, a man from the U.K., Andrew Lawrence, ran 2 hours, 47 minutes and 41 seconds in a banana costume during the London marathon in order to secure the title of the fastest time to run a marathon whilst wearing a fruit costume.

* The banana is scientifically a berry, whereas the strawberry is not. 

* A monkey peels a banana upside down when compared to our method, which is pinching the top and splitting the skin before peeling it down to reveal the fruit. This is an easier and less damaging method of peeling a banana.

* The oils within the inside of a banana skin can actually help inflammation and itching caused by insect bites.

Fun right?